Built for Government SCRUM Teams

DevSecOps is a development platform inspired by the way you work. From Developers, Scrum Masters, Release Managers, Program and Product Owners, and Security Authorization Personnel; Our platform enables the Government developer community to build and maintain applications more efficiently, securely and cost effectively.


Program On-Ramping

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Integrated Toolkit

DevSecOps provides an integrated toolkit to enable security across the entire development lifecycle and drive automation for configuration and infrastructure as code, cost and portfolio management, shared services integration, and others. Our highly customizable and modular toolkit allows orchestration across multiple roles and teams.


DevSecOps provides industry leading orchestration tools which enable pipeline as code development. This ensures repeatable and reusable shared pipelines that provide the flexibility to support even the most complex multi-branch and multisystem workflows.

Developer Focused

Developers are free to leverage their local software development environments if they choose. DevSecOps provides tools to enable local code quality and security validation prior to commit. Developers can focus directly on developing their code without barriers or unknown tools. Developers primary interface with DevSecOps is a dedicated and managed GitHub Enterprise instance.

Video Demos

Are you the visual kind of developer who likes to see how something works because you learn quicker. Not to worry, TechTrend's DevSecOps solution is built with GitHub at its core and has over 200 training videos that will help you get started on this platform.


DevSecOps Training and FAQ

Learn to leverage the DevSecOps ecosystem, use best practices for collaborating on code, or gain an in-depth understanding from the command line with online and in-person classes for all skill levels.