Platform Features

Learn to leverage the TechTrend DevSecOps ecosystem, use best practices for collaborating on code, or gain an in-depth understanding of Git from the command line with online and in-person classes for all skill levels.

Tools Catalog

✓ Industry Leading Toolkit

✓ Automated CI/CD

✓ Validated and Toolkit Hardened Open Source and Enterprise Solutions

Security & Compliance

✓ Designed specifically for Government

✓ FedRAMP Moderate Controls

✓ Role Based Access Controls

✓ NIST and FIPS Validated

✓ All Data encrypted

✓ Static Code Vulnerability Analysis

Cloud Performance and Availability

✓ Designed for Scalability

✓ Geographically Redundant

✓ Role Based Access Controls

✓ Highly Available

✓ Auto-scaling

✓ Disaster recovery

Infrastructure and Configuration Management

✓ Provisioned as Code

✓ Availability Sets

✓ Security Patching

Deployment Flexibility

✓ Cloud Landing Zone Agnostic

✓ Deploy to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Private Clouds

✓ Deploy to a Single Cloud or Multiple Providers

✓ Custom Workflow Supported

Customer Support

✓ Service Desk


✓ Trade Management

✓ Operational Resources