DevSecOps Training/FAQ

Learn to leverage the DevSecOps ecosystem, use best practices for collaborating on code, or gain an in-depth understanding of Git from the command line with online and in-person classes for all skill levels.

How do I request a GitHub account

Send an email to, please include your organization and supervisor's email.

Is there a helpdesk email?

Please email with any DevSecOps related issue.

Where can I get a good overview of GitHub?

The following video helps to provide a good overview of GitHub.

Where's a good place to start learn how to use GitHub?

Learn how to use GitHub with an interactive HelloWorld Project.

What is a good place to have technical FAQs answered?

Many answers to your GitHub questions can be found here:

Migrating from Teamforge to GitHub?

TeamForge SVN to GitHub Code Migration Instruction: Migration Document

Any other resources I need?

It's highly suggested that you download GitHub Desktop

How do I get training on DevSecOps training?

TechTrend hosts one hour virtual training session that anyone is free to attend. Information regarding the next training session can be found on this sites homepage. On-demand GitHub training can also be found at the following link To request additional on-demand training regarding DevSecOps kindly send a email to

How to edit README Markdown files

Learn how to quickly and easily edit a Markdown file here:

How do you document projects on GitHub?

Documentation is key to any project. Learn how documentation is done in GitHub here:

How is version management done in GitHub?

GitHub uses branching to provide a better approach to version management.

What is the GitHub Flow?

Learn how GitHub functions at the following link

Any other useful resources?

There are many useful GitHub resources available with a quick search on the web. Some of our favorite training videos can be found on the YouTube GitHub Training Channel: