What is GitHub?

Ever wondered how GitHub works? Let's see how Eddie and his team use GitHub.

Projects on GitHub?

Projects are an issue management feature on GitHub which will help you organize Issues, Pull Requests, and notes into a Kanban-style board for better visualization and prioritization of work.

Workflow Strategies

Two of the most popular workflow strategies in use today are the GitHub Flow and the Git Flow. Learn about the differences and some of the tools available to help you manage your work on GitHub. Visit https://github.com/business to learn more.

Quality Control

Incremental measures woven into each step of your workflow helps you maintain software quality without sacrificing productivity. Learn the basics of Pre-receive Hooks, Status, and Protected Branches.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are a means of starting a conversation about a proposed change back into a project. We'll be taking a look at the strength of conversation, integration options for fuller information about a change, and cleanup strategy for when a pull request is finished.

GitHub Issues

This is a quick tour of GitHub Issues. It offers newcomers a brief overview of what this powerful core feature of GitHub.com can do for developers, designers, and managers using GitHub in both the open source and commercial software worlds.